The history of cinema must be studied according to three pillars: its technological evolution, its artistic evolution but also the evolution of its distribution. The camera obscura Let’s talk first about image projection, a key feature of what cinema will be like in the future. It was  during Antiquity that man discovered the camera obscura, the ancestor of cinema. Thanks to a darkened room, the sunlight projects an image on a wall. The projection of these images becomes a spectacle, an entertaining attraction. The beginning of the reproduction of the movement At the beginning of the 18th century, the magic lantern made its appearance. By a light projection process on a painted glass plate, an image animated by successions of plates is projected in front of an audience. Although rudimentary, the movement of the image is starting to catch on. the same time, the concept of persistence, which is essential to the perception of movement, is born. The thaumatope, the zoos

Cryptocurrency Industry

    Cryptocurrency Industry It is the era of the Internet and technology, which has brought many changes and revolutions into human society, either changing up some of the old reforms partly for betterment or straight-up replacing them. You can visit for better trading calls and a profitable trading journey. There is no denying that digital currency is the most successful that originates from the Internet, revolutionizing how the global economy operates by being an alternative to traditional money and a unit of accountability to the digital market. Cryptocurrency is a relatively simple and convenient utility for commercial purposes, and there are many ways to obtain these precious digital bits. Either by commonly known methods of investing or trading or the popular one, crypto mining. Unfortunately, Crypto mining generally requires a buffy computer and other necessary hardware, making it not so convenient for some. But now, a new and feasible mode of cr